Top Tips

1. book your venue and entertainment at least 3 months prior to the date to save disappointment and up to 5 months in advance if your child's birthday falls in December

2. if your childs birthday falls in a school holiday remember to get those invites out before schools break up

3. Place balloons out side the venue, this helps parents/me to find the venue much easier

4. On your invites ask all parents who are leaving there children at your party to give you there contact number, and to inform you of any dietary needs

5. keep food simple yet fun and remember kids can be fussy/messy eaters

6. if you know of any child that may be slightly disruptive dont worry i am very good at handling over active children in a non threating way

7. pass the parcel (yes i know its old school) is a classic, i will do the pass the parcel game for you (you provide the parcels) and i like the kids to make a lot of mess with the wrapping paper to(dont frett i have a plan) this goes down great

8. the plan, after we make a mess  and it will be a big mess all be it only paper, you give me 2 bin liners and we play the tidying up game, two teams boy's vs girls to see who can get there bags full of wrapping paper(seeing is beleiving kids love this)

9. remember its your party too, so relax sit back and let someone else do the running around for you on the day (that someone is me)